Romancing Softly

is the brand identity for my romances. True romance is rooted in the convergence of minds and souls striving towards a profound and lasting union. These romances feature strong, contemporary, protagonists. Happy endings are the name of the game, the story element providing a challenge that has to be met and conquered by the protagonists if they want to achieve their happily-ever-afters. The race to coitus is left to the imagination, being nature’s wickedly amusing imperative. The unique covers reflect the Valentine’s Day flowers-and-hearts image, a universally accepted expression of everlasting love, rather than the more usual clinch of desire, which can be fleeting.  Happy Reading.

The Ghost of a Lost Love

The Ghost of a Lost Love medium

When Stephanie was on holiday on the South Coast of England, she had a romantic liaison with the dark-eyed, sexy Tass. Believing it to be more than a holiday romance, and wondering why he hadn’t contacted her as promised, she eventually goes looking for him, only to discover he had died in a scuba diving accident not long after she left. Rory, an earthy boat-builder entrenched within the small local community, helps her come to terms with the tragedy, and affection blossoms between them. But Stephanie’s persistence in discovering the truth is met by a wall of silence. Only when she knows the secret behind Tass’s death, will she be able to lay his ghost to rest. But can she trust Rory, when he’s surely keeping the truth from her? More than a simple romance, this is a dark, romantic mystery in which intrigue undermines the blossoming relationship.


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Sue Lewando has been published by Mills & Boon (Tender); Virgin Publishing (Chimera and Black Lace); D C Thomson (My Story Weekly), Ulverscroft Large Print; Thorpe Large Print; Heartline; the Cork Evening Echo, and short stories in various mainstream and literary magazines.