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The Self Publishing Phenomenon

Self-publishing became commercially viable with the internet. It’s available, affordable, and offers possibilities of a career. It seems as though it’s been with us forever, but twenty years ago, this simply wasn’t the case. Self-publishing was once a last resort for the desperate writer of fiction, and possibly the death knell to a career. The... Continue Reading →

The Storyteller’s Craft

It’s the writer’s task to discover the pivotal point in a character’s life at which the conflict begins, whether a crime that needs to be solved, a journey that has to be undertaken, or a love that cannot be denied. It’s also the writer’s craft to discover the exact moment at which that conflict has... Continue Reading →


Behind fiction, there is no larger purpose. I’ve seen readers, browsing books like misers over a dragon’s hoard, slyly touching, anticipating. Whatever the reason for the eventual choice, however justified in terms of literary value, the most important subsequent aspect is: was it enjoyed? Did it enthral or transport the reader? For all the studies... Continue Reading →

Website update

Hi, all. Thanks to all those who have taken a look at my site (still very much a work in progress), and subscribed to this blog.  I'm looking for feedback at this stage, so if you have time, please take a trawl through my site and let me know of any glitches or errors.  The... Continue Reading →


My name is Christine Susan Lewando.  You might have known me as Sue Dukes. I have been writing for a long time, with some successes in the world of genre fiction. I took early retirement to live my dream, and publish independently, along with a billion others, it seems.  The next step is to discover... Continue Reading →

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