Angry Mogul New copy


Adam Greerson is the most difficult boss in London. H is never seen without a six foot blonde hanging on his arm.

Fiona Statten is recovering from a relationship that was going nowhere.  Hurt and wary, she reluctantly accepts a temporary post as Adam’s PA to help out her friend. She feels sure she is safe from his attentions as she’s short,  brown-haired, with eyes the colour of Irish bog-water.

When he is working, Adam reveals an unexpected level of passion and sensitivity. Fiona is stunned, enthralled and captivated – but isn’t about to get entangled in another relationship, especially one with the potential to end in disaster.

Adam has never had a secretary who didn’t look like Barbie, and he’s not used to being argued with. Their relationship is a meeting of opposing forces.  Within an hour Fiona is fired and hired again… Why can’t he just let her go?

A believable contemporary romance between a magical hero with a hidden depth of character, and a feisty, unusual heroine who captures his heart. But can he keep this woman who has a habit of running like a jack-rabbit when she gets scared? And can she allow herself to believe that this amazingly talented man with a history of high-flying conquests, has truly fallen in love with her?

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