Personal Services

A twelve-part fictional soap, Personal Services, as published in the Cork Echo in 2017.

Summer Soap 01s

Episode 1

I persuade him to slip out of his jeans… what a sight!

Summer Soap 02s

Episode 2

I see my tattoo every night, ‘De Oppresso Liber’, it says.

Summer Soap 03s

Episode 3

Another day, another client – then a bombshell remark.

Summer Soap 04s

Episode 4

The Garda takes his jacket off. ‘Shoes and all,’ I say…

Summer Soap 05s

Episode 5

I leave here feeling like a teenager, the Prof tells me.

Summer Soap 06s

Episode 6

‘Trust you?’ she sneers, ‘You aren’t even  normal.’

Summer Soap 07s

Episode 7

A poisonous visitor, then Madge’s past is revealed.

Summer Soap 08s

Episode 8

Bridie starts to weep. ‘They want to put me in a home.’

Summer Soap 09s

Episode 9

Money woes, broken, TV… the guy was stressed out.

Summer Soap 10s

Episode 10

I was married once, but the kids don’t recognise me.

Summer Soap 11s

Episode 11

A final grumpy customer, then a blast from the past.

Summer Soap 12s

Episode 12

Madge’s past is laid bare, as a decorated US soldier

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